Monday, September 22, 2008

September 20, 2008 - Bukit Kayu Hitam Ride

Bear's writting..

Zen and I went for the Hatyai de Tour with friends but we plan to go until Bukit Kayu Hitam and come back because due to some personal reason, we cannot overnight @ Hatyai with them..
The ride is great i would say... Everyone enjoy cycling..

The participant: Uncle William, Tek, Zen, Allan Chan, CJ Ong, Yong, Deric and me..
The Driver: Wen Juin, Boon Liang

The time:
600 - Sungai Petani
655 - Gurun (Breakfast)
815 - Guar Cempedak
903 - Alor Star
1049 - Jitra
1205 - Changloon
1326 - Bukit Kayu Hitam Border

The weather is consider good except when we arrive Alor Star. When we arrive the Junction of Southern Alor Star Toll, it started to rain.. The rain is so tiny until we ignore it and stop by the junction to took some pictures while waiting for the rest.. And then, the rain suddenly turn HUGE.... **ji ba bom** We all run ka beh tit hu.... Luckily we can across the drain and run to the nearest shoplot to hide from the heavy rain... #$!%^#&
We all thought we have to stop already since the rain is so heavy... but then, the rain only last for around 15 minutes and turn small again..

We continue our ride with wet road... It's fun to gets wet and dirty.. We continue our journey but forced to stop to wait for the Van.. They were lost in Alor Star and we have to guide them through phone.. We stop somewhere at Kubang Pasu for awhile and head down to Jitra..
Zen outperform all of us when we head down to Jitra.. Uncle William and gangs stop at the town center while Zen called back because he overshot and stop by the petrol station further..
I stop by at where Uncle William they all stops but i go further to meet Zen alone after that..
After the rest, we head up to Changloon.. Tek and Uncle William is chasing each other and left us all at the back.. I've tried my super very best but end up cannot even see them even it's a long straight road to Changloon.. wtf... !@#%^

We stop by Changloon for light lunch so that they have the energy to continue their journey up to Hatyai for Chicken Rice.. Me and Zen continue our ride to the border and stop at Sadao..
We went for bath and body massage so that we can refill our exhausted body... It's an enjoying trip and i would go again if i have at least 3 days of free time.. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 20, 2008 - BJ -> Dam -> BJ

Today Kian Lee has planned out a long route after 2 weeks of resting because he cut finger while cleaning his rotor :P
The route go from Bukit Jambul shoplot (Near mariomum house), Bukit Relau, Paya Terubong, Air Itam market, Air Itam Dam, Ngoh Han Temple, Balik Pulau, Tun Sardon and back to Bukit Jambul. Total distance of 33km!

Kian Lee and I reach the car park about 7:30am, and OMG it was raining, kinda heavy til mariomum had start to suggest where to take breakfast, when I heard about Gurney Bah Kut Teh, my saliva has drooling :P luckily the rain slow down after 10mins and we quickly unload our bikes and prepare for the ride.

The road starting was wet, the water spill til my jersey full with dirty water mark (sighs, I wonder how long time I need to clean them off)

Keatkeat meet us at Air Itam, then we proceed to climb Air Itam dam, it was just a day after my 5 days fasting therapy, I expect my self performance will drop but fortunately, I still able to keep the normal me, the route is tough, but I still manage to climb hassle-free. Everything go well and safe, we had our pit stop Balik Pulau Market, we took our breakfast there and 'Buah Pala' juice, it was fresh blended, we never taste such nice drink before, it was so nice until I buy another 1 litre and put into my camelbak hehe.
After the breakfast, we proceed to climb to god-damn-it Tun Sardon, I started to regret the 1 litre juice on my back, the sun coming out, luckily I still manage to climb it. The only unfortunate thing during today ride happens here, when we about to downhill, we suppose to cut to opposite lane during downhill and go into off road trail to Carpet, mariomum asked me to follow Kian Lee, but stupid me had got attracted by the downhill speed and lost control! I reach the maximum speed of 75km/h!!! It was the highest value I could achieved ever :P Sorry Kian Lee, sorry mariomum, I will guai guai follow u all next time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 13, 2008 - SP Jamboree Track video

video description-
we were block by a river and the small wooded bridge were patah... so we have to slowly pass over the bike to cross the river.

1.we were decided to take a picture.. so ask tek to be the camera men.
2.we steel there and witting for tek say 1 2 3..
3.few second pass.. we still steel, but tek still say nothing...untill we notice he was taking video.
4.someone was f*cking that there are a cow shit on 1 of the bike, that make his hand dirty while carrying bike.

September 14, 2008 - Butterworth Ride

After yesterday ride, I went to Yong shop to chit chat .. then Uncle Thiam, Jin and Matthew ask for a ride today, so I just decided to join them since I nothing to do (even though my legs still muscle still have not recover from cramp and pain :P)

The ride start at 7:30am this morning, with total 9 riders of Uncle William, Uncle Thiam, Matthew, Jin, Ah Tek, Yong, BMC Keit, Bear and me.

This ride consist total of 66km, we spent about 3.5hours to complete it, the route was started from Giant -> Batu Lintang -> Tikam Batu (Small Pit stop) -> Kota Kuala Muda -> Bumbung Lima -> Penaga -> Butterworth (Half time break at Roti Canai Aziz, the food they took looks nice, but too bad I don't get a chance to taste it because I am on some kind of therapy, which I cannot take food at all) -> Bertam -> Kepala Batas -> Main road back to SP.

The ride was great, superb weather, not hot at all until 10am, just that a bit windy during the way back :)