Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008 - Sg Ara, Blue House and Carpet with SPMTB riders

Zen writing..

Add up some picture here.

prepared myself and wait for XTR Xien to pick me about 6:40am, still dark outside.

arriving at Pg Sg Ara car park..."quickly" unload bike.

Kian Lee Ready

Finally arrive on d top of carpet

August 30, 2008 - Sg Ara, Blue House and Carpet with SPMTB riders

Bear writing..

Hi all, this is my first entry here... Apologise for lousy english..
Our initial plan for the ride is actually:
dinas >> UH to blue house >> carpet >> DH to tun sardon >> UH to vege farm >> DH to dinas

But we have to change our ride to:
dinas >> UH to blue house >> single track banana farm >> DH to vege farm >> UH to carpet >> DH to steep, narrow, thrilling single track shortcut offroad >> DH to dinas
because we were late big time, letting kian lee and keatkeat to wait for us.. and also, few of our new member(including me) cannot stand the journey anymore...

This is the toughest offroad ride ever for me... i usually ride at Apollo offroad in sp, which is much more easier than blue house it's own.... hahahaha...
I like the banana farm alot... The leaves blocks most of the sunlight and it's cold there with lots of fresh air... :)
Eventhough it's a hard track to me, it's worth it... uphill is suffering, but when we stop to rest and look around, the scenery is so nice, the air is so fresh until we forgot about the tireness, fatigue body and exhaustion... So we went up, up and up to the peak..
And here we come to the most interesting part... DOWNHILL...!!
Single track cement downhill with hairpin need concentration... but it's fun to play around... hehe... There are few places of offroad downhill which is kinda dangerous.. the road is slippery and bumpy, kinda hard to control the bike...

It's overall an enjoying trip for me. Thanks to everyone who keep dragging me to go.. I'm sure i will regret if i didn't go with you all.. Sungai Ara Blue House + Carpet, I will come again, again and again... And i hope i can do the complete track with all of you in the future!!

There are some photos below.. enjoy.. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Zen writing again...

found some picture while I organizing my handphone storage card, found this interesting one, this is a discovery trip of I & k2 on 19th July 2008, we were trying ourself to find the road from shortcut to meet another group of people, they are on somewhere around check point 2 of Jamboree track, the preparation of SP Jamboree last we failed to join them.... this trip was really killing me, total about 40km distance of riding, and I was riding on an unknown road... mental crashing.

We was on a top of dunno what hill... the climbing was really taking my life.

A group of about 50 cow was keep on passing around at the road that we need to pass trough, I was really scare hit by the cow, we are ridding over the road with full speed in the middle of d time that the cow crossby and before they run back, we took 15 minutes to consider, and finaly we did it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SP Jamboree 2008 Meeting Leakout!

Zen writing...
SPMTB held a meeting tonite at Kelab Cinta Sayang, review on the jamboree.

this video is part of the discussion with Deric regarding "masalah makan"

Today my first time try to clean my chain, chain maintenance....after ridding about 700km for this few month..
take a long time to clean, damn dirty neh, i think i got to do it bi-weekly or weekly next time.....

Zenny - SP MTB Sexy Rider!!!

Zen writing..

sleepless night, surfing around and found some nice picture to share about.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008 - Gunung Jerai

Posted by Kian Lee...

Ride with SP MTB team to Gunung Jerai. Odin and I are riding the new Pipedream frame. We do 12km of uphill. We saw a python snake but not sure whether its dead or asleep. And got 1 mate saw wild boar.

Next saturday, SP MTB will coming to Penang for the ride.


Zen writing...

is 23/08/08 1am now... my dear mechanic Ah Yong has juz done my bike for me, i just called him and he was still in his shop completing rider dream... salute dear Yong, thankz for rush out a fantastic job by building my bike for me, sorry for giving u so short of time frame due to i really wanna ride it out at tomorrows Gunung Jerai~ coz Kian Lee my pipedream gang was their too~

22/08/08 4:45pm, rush out from office to ah yong shop and start waiting for him, already a long q waiting him to fix their bike...
6:45pm, finally ah yong come back from stock refilling and start his work...
7:15pm, Ah Jin Stunjumpper has juz done and is my turn~
11:15am Bike Completed!!! yoo yoo yoo~ This Is d Birthday of ZenBike! the next day after K2 birthday~