Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dinner at Sakae Sushi

koosh2 writing..

A rainy night, nothing better to do than have a hang out with cycling buddies!

5 of us like starving ghosts desperate for wasabi!! @ Sakae Sushi, Sunway Carnival.

From right to left, bear300, ChingWei, Allan Chan, Choon Teik and myself :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14, 2009 - Lalariders Weekend Ride

koosh2 writing..

Route: Bird Nest (mariomum house) > 30% Carpet > Tun Sardon > BP Market (1st Pit Stop) > Hilton (2nd Pit Stop) > AID > AIP (3rd Pit Stop) > Paya Terubong Hill > ?? Offroad > Inti College > Bird Nest.
Ride duration: 4hrs
Riders: mariomum, keatkeat, kianlee, cktan, dylan, koosh (largest lalariders event ever :P)

Breakfast at Balik Pulau Market (First pit stop)

Resting at Hilton Hut (Second pit stop)

Short rest at Air Itam Dam

Coconut + Sugarcane break at Air Itam Market (Third pit stop)

Looks like we eat and drink more than we ride?! haha

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weight Comparison

koosh2 writing..

It's a rather peaceful evening but however, the environment in CT Cycle wasn't that peace, everyone is getting hot and exciting when putting their bikes on weighting scale! :P

my wheelset weighted #3 in rank but my bike is the most heavy?! WTF?!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

March 01, 2009 - Taman Kempas Ride

koosh2 writing..

Feel sick today but still go for riding, hopefully it can gets me better after sweat?

8 of us were riding, route today were Teik's shop > Proton > Indian Temple > Pipeline > 7-11 > Proton > Teik's shop, total of 20km, the trail just got bulldozed, the land is soft and muddy, my 2.0 tyre has at least enlarge to 3.0!!

Another true fact proven today, Top swing type front deraileur is bad when facing heavy muddy trail! :P

Oh! I'm happy with my bike's new setting!