Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29, 2008 - Ride in the rain....

Kian Lee writing....

Wake up, call Keat and Kheong but nobody answer, after 15 mins, Keat call back, and confirm the ride is on and agreed to meet at the Air Itam car park. I prepared the drinks and start ride out from house to the destination. Wait Keat for 25 mins due to he didn't bring along the wheel after drive out from house and turning back to get it. Before start the ride, we alter the route that agreed the night before to a shorter one due to weather seems like going to rain, the route is AID <> Hilton <> Sacred Heart <> Balik Pulau. Alright, we start heading to AID and arrived at the main gate, sky does looks dark, we proceed to Hilton, before we reach the Hilton, its start rain not heavy but both of our shirt is getting wet, and decided to heading to Balik Pulau since both way also rain, the rain getting heavier when we are at Sacred Heart, end up whole body wet when arrived the Balik Pulau food court. Have a quick meal while waiting for the rain to stop. Too bad that the rain is not going to stop, but at least its not that heavy, so both of us heading back to AID. Both of us arrived safely and have a coconut drinks then go back individually.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Upcoming Event (Update): International Off Road Mountain Bike Challenge 2008

Upon joining, a weighting scale worth RM150 will be included in the goodie bag!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16, 2008 - Kuala Ketil Track #2

koosh2 writing..

LALArider: koosh2
SPMTB: William, Allan, Tek, Yong, ZS, Joo, Chang etc..

It's another sunny day and we went to the Kuala Ketil International Race track again, today is to touch up some path and bump to make it smooth on riding, this track is fun and exciting, it's a MUST try track for all mountain bike enthusiast!

* Credit to Allan Chan for supplying the photos and videos.

Ah Joo wall ride show down take #1 .. failed! hahaha

Ah Joo wall ride show down take #2 .. success! bravo!